How do we stand out from the crowd?

Other ride sharing apps
Trusted Friends as Drivers X X
Rides with adults that kids are comfortable with X X
Peace of mind for parents X X
Real time ride tracking for your kids X X
Free rides (Help and get helped, its good Karma!) X X
Request rides in advance X X
1-click communication access to Driver X X
No credit card required X X
Customizable control over who your ride request goes to X X


a Ride

Help your community by easily offering rides to selected friends. Its good Karma! There is no obligation. And, to maintain your privacy, only your Connections can see your offers.

a Ride

Save time, avoid hassles and be green! Send ride requests to your selected friends and have your kids happily travel with their friends too!

Create Custom Groups

Create Shared Groups with your friends and you are ready to start carpooling! Going to an event? Create an Event group. Soccer? Simply join the Provider's carpool group.

Track your kids ride

Private, real time view of where your kids are, with in-app notifications for important messages.


New! Earn points for offering rides, connecting with friends and more! Redeem points for ride requests. See the money you save!


Being parents,
we understand the high security standards
we need for our children.

Member verification

We ensure that members have verified their contact information before they can reach out to others to request/offer rides, so that you can be sure you are corresponding with the right contact.


The Driver is a friend you know, selected from your phone Contacts (or added by you). We only send requests to your contacts who have verified their sign in information.


We provide a one-click access to contact both the Driver and the Parent. We notify you via in-app notifications and email when the Driver confirms they have picked up and dropped off your kid.

Ride tracking

During an active ride for your family member, the Driver's location is visible on the map for your Current ride.

Please see FAQs

for additional information.

We are waiting to assist you..

As parents we are not comfortable sending our kids for their myriad activities, in a taxi, even if we can hail it from an app.

So we decided to build an app that leverages the social circle to ferry our kids around.

Simple, Convenient, and above all, Trusted.

  • Lexington, MA.